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Take the drudgery out of food service preparation with innovation from HIT Equipment, The innovators in efficiency.

We save you money!

Glass Polishers Australia is a division of HIT Equipment International, a Sydney based company with an international focus specialising in Glass Polishers, and Glass Washers. We have brought these amazing Glass Polishers and Glass Washers to Australia, so you've come to the right place for Restaurant Equipment and Catering Equipment.

Glass Freezer

Glass Freezers provide an excellent unique presentation tool that makes your bar service stand out!

Glass Polishers

A perfect finish in seconds. Glass polishers turn hours of work into one simple process. 100% natural absorbent fibre-brushes adapt to all glassware. It is the one way to ensure less breakage, fewer staff injuries and a hygienic and consistent clean every time.

Glass Washers

Glass Washer from Winterhalter are spotless glass washers using a unique reverse osmosis water filter system takes the mineral out leaving no residue on the glassware.